Kevin O'Keith


Kevin Okeith

b. 1980 Chicago, Illinois.

Kevin Okeith, born Kevin Okeith Corley is a Atlanta based painter from Chicago who is known for his distinctive impressionistic paintings. Described as one of the most promising artist to emerge in the 21st century. His pre-eminent works are large figures, eyes closed, executed with a palette knife into multi-faceted original paintings.

Okeith's works have been displayed in newspapers, magazines, television, movies, galleries, also featured by the New York Times and Home Depot.  His first solo art exhibition entitled Love Supreme that was displayed for 4 months at the Chattanooga African American Museum.  Selected as a National Winner of the Bombay Sapphire Artisian Series contest and awarded a showing at Miami Art Basel represented by Russell and Danny Simmons. Okeith has been mentored by Kevin A. Williams.

Art, to Okeith, is the materialization of thought and it expresses the spirit through form.  He believes the magic starts in the mind, and artists know that whatever they can clearly create in their minds can be made manifest into a concrete reality.  The main goal of his work is to use art as an educational tool that will inspire others to look within themselves.